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Terry the Tiger :icondwaters220:dwaters220 19 12 Happy Birthday, Mama! :icondwaters220:dwaters220 15 6 Zack Attack :icondwaters220:dwaters220 15 13 Camo-fish :icondwaters220:dwaters220 19 10 Razor's Coffee Break :icondwaters220:dwaters220 16 7 Beautiful Palico Armor :icondwaters220:dwaters220 16 6 Andre Will Blow Your Mind - Again :icondwaters220:dwaters220 9 9 Lethal Scorpion :icondwaters220:dwaters220 19 7 Andre Looking Very Irritated :icondwaters220:dwaters220 14 10 Demetrius Rockin' the Trapper Beanie :icondwaters220:dwaters220 12 4 Black Man on White :icondwaters220:dwaters220 12 8 Bottle Art :icondwaters220:dwaters220 11 10 Donatia All Grown Up :icondwaters220:dwaters220 21 10 Top 10 Most Misunderstood Characters Finished Meme :icondwaters220:dwaters220 31 40 Top 10 Most Misunderstood Characters Meme :icondwaters220:dwaters220 21 1 Donatia As a Toddler :icondwaters220:dwaters220 16 7


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Terry the Tiger
This is a picture of my pet tiger in pen form. As I said before, it ain't easy shading with pen.
Happy Birthday, Mama!
I made this portrait for my mama on her 47th birthday. This is her birthday gift.
Zack Attack
Andre's big brother is fresh out of prison and ready to take ominous action.
I decided to draw this koi fish here with scales designed as camouflage. The shading is all in pen. It's funny, because even though the fish represents my starsign, I also learned that there are even more different meanings of the koi fish, as seen in this link here:…
Beautiful Palico Armor
Art trade for Paukchain. This character is from the Monster Hunter games, developed by Capcom.
Andre Will Blow Your Mind - Again
On the left is the drawing I did three months ago. On the right is the digital form of this drawing.
I just wanted to apologize for not having very much work uploaded on my page as of this month. I've been very busy and I just got over very severe food poisoning yesterday. So while I'm feeling better today, my stomach is still a bit queasy. So I'm not really 100% robust and I don't draw good when I'm not feeling very robust. So it'll take me a while to get my stuff uploaded as of this month until I heal completely. Again, I apologize for the hiatus.
Lethal Scorpion
The title is self-explanatory. This would be your favorite if you're a Scorpio.
Demetrius Rockin' the Trapper Beanie
This is a drawing of me wearing a trapper beanie hat. I wasted so much time putting in a lot of detail on the beanie.
Black Man on White
So this is me a few years back. I decided to just draw pictures of myself instead of uploading photographs of myself. I'm still trying to work on my shading.
Okay, I've been here on DA for nine and a half months now, and I've been using a scanner at my neighbor's house, and I've been wondering. Is it possible to scan paper above 9 x 12 the size? Because some of my artwork that's over that size (such as the self portrait of myself drawn in charcoal) I've taken a picture with my phone because it couldn't fit in the scanner due to the scanner being too small. Is there like a certain scanner that can scan paper at least up to 18 x 24 size?
Bottle Art
I used paint to implement this piece of art. I still need to work on my shading though.
Donatia All Grown Up
After living her childhood and teenage years spoiled rotten, Donatia has grown into a mature young woman.

Donatia belongs to TheLilAnimator
I just wanted to apologize for not having very much work uploaded on my page as of this month. I've been very busy and I just got over very severe food poisoning yesterday. So while I'm feeling better today, my stomach is still a bit queasy. So I'm not really 100% robust and I don't draw good when I'm not feeling very robust. So it'll take me a while to get my stuff uploaded as of this month until I heal completely. Again, I apologize for the hiatus.


dwaters220's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
My name is Demetrius Waters. I have an affinity for art. My voice is really gruff and you'll be surprised how I sound in contrast to how I look. I'm a college graduate and I'm looking forward to making my career based on animation. I have three cartoon concepts I wanna broadcast on live television. One of them is called Andre the Angry Alligator. And yes. The profile picture is really how I look like, and if you got a problem with my countenance, then deal with it. I dislike shallow people who judge books by covers. Well anyway, if you have any other questions about me, I'll be honored to answer them. Just post a comment below. If you want to contact me in a different social media page, just click on my other sites down below.

Well when it comes to Sonic, I'm not that big of a fan of the franchise. Let's face it. The Sonic fanbase is the most infamous of all the fandom. Hell not even GTA or Call of Duty fans act that fucking immature. Excuse me if I sound blunt to you guys, but it's true. I know not all Sonic fans behave that way, but the majority are completely rabid, provincial, spoiled rotten, and not to mention dogmatic. However, there are certain characters that I have a certain predilection for, such as...

As for the games...

I'm not much of a shipper, but as far as couples go...

As for couples outside of Sonic, this is the few I support.

Really though. Outside of those pairings (and a few other pairings as well), I really don't support any couples. I only ship pairings that are either the most logical or actually have chemistry. Other than that, I'm not the shipping type. Then here's the Nintendo series.

Here's my other interests

Sonic series
I love Knuckles Stamp by DryBones157 espio stamp by PFV0-Stamp Sonic FAn Stamp by SpeendlexMK2 Silver fan stamp by NatouMJSonic Tails fan stamp by NatouMJSonic Shadow The Hedgehog Stamp by NatouMJSonic Support Blaze by YamiLover13 Sally Acorn - SatAM Stamp by neoncat Bunnie Rabbot - SatAM by neoncat Rouge stamp by MxRobotnik Julie-Su Stamp by Melinda-1 Nicole by DryBones157 Sonic Underground Stamp 001 by TheRosePrince Amy Rose Stamp by NatouMJSonic vanilla stamp by PFV0-Stamp Cosmo stamp by migueruchan Cream the rabbit stamp by migueruchan

Nintendo series
Mario - Stamp by SnowTheWinterKitsune Luigi - Stamp by SnowTheWinterKitsune Mario Soundtracks Stamp by lila79 Mario Party-Stamp by Dinoclaws Mario Kart 64 Stamp by NateFox Super Mario 64 Stamp by SuperRamen Mario Kart: DOUBLE DASH Stamp by Powerwing-Amber Donkey Kong Country stamp by ShinyCharizard Diddy's Kong Quest Stamp by StampPKU Peach and Daisy Supporter by Metadream Diddy Kong Racing Stamp by StampPKU

My feelings for certain things
Be creative stamp by ViOLeTjaniS Autism isn't an insult by Guinnygirl Autism does not equal idiot by PrincessFlaw Anti-Blocking Stamp by In-The-Zone Stop abusing Freedom of Speech by MarioLuigi25 People actually have to be reminded of this. by furbearingbrick Stamp: DUN USE BIG WURDS by Username-91 Block Stamp by mymunchies Stop Using the Block System for Nonsense! by DawnFelix Sane Sonic Fans Exist by SuperNicolas1234 Stupid blocking reasons # 1 by Username-91 Aspergers is NOT a Joke by lesbian-mermaid Silver needs respect by sahara-lynne Don't Hate Cream Stamp by MoonWarriorAutumn Stop Tag-whoring! by MegaDaelon My Sonamy Opinion by Knucxsonia I do not hate Amy stamp by BigSonicFangirl No Serious Sonamy and Knuxouge by Envytheskunk (Request) At least not like his old self stamp by MarioSonicPeace Stamp: Sally and Amy BOTH... by Jammerlee Sally's minimal clothing DOESN'T make her slutty by Vertekins Hating Sal Is Not ..... by spikehedgehog99 I had to make this by LadyRebeccaStamps Anti Amy fans exaggerate too much by DigiTomGirl Pro Sonally, pro Amy by DigiTomGirl Anti Sally and Amy Shipping Rivalry by Vertekins Sonamy isn't Everything by SuperNicolas1234 [Comm.] I Support Amy Sally and Blaze As Friends by TheKitsuneAlchemist The rabid people are all annoying. by Yoshi1337 There's more to the Sonic games than just Speed by SuperNicolas1234 Deal With It by Hikari-Dareigan Not every couple is gonna be roses by LadyRebeccaStamps ''Ugh, Why Do You Still Like That Old Crap?'' by Mintaka-TK In fact, you don't deserve friends by LadyRebeccaStamps Age doesn't mean shit by LadyRebeccaStamps It's Not Just Installed Into Kids by endler BUT DEY ARNT REEL!!!11!! by LadyRebeccaStamps Stamp: Fuck these kinds of people by PrincessSkyler Stamp: Stop Sugarcoating Your Bullshit by PrincessSkyler Stamp: The internet isn't for kids by PrincessSkyler It Could (Figuratively) Save Your Life by Mintaka-TK Opinions Are Fine, Assholery Is Not by Mintaka-TK Criticise, Don't Bash by Mintaka-TK Words Don't Magically Cure Mental Illness by Mintaka-TK I Can Hear the Dictionary Crying, Actually by Mintaka-TK STAMP - This was more important at the time by Azure-Heir Women can be pedophiles too by KittyJewelpet78 Women can abuse men too by KittyJewelpet78 .:Nothing Else Can Compare:. by Mitochondria-Raine Judgement Is Everywhere by Mintaka-TK .:Overrated:. by Mitochondria-Raine Overrated Does Not Equal Crappy by Mintaka-TK There's Going to Be A Million Stamps Now by endler Don't Get Me Started On This... by Mintaka-TK Shitty Excuse by FlacidPenis No one is better by Clelius real men identify as men by BaconMagic A Simple Stamp for a Simple Message by endler Stamp: Animation isn't just for kids. by Catthylove I Know You're Concerned But... by silvvy DB: Ship War Free Zone 2of2 by DarkJediPrincess Stamp: Practice by MeckelFoxStudio Extremists in general are bad, IMO by MarioSonicPeace

Facts about myself
Pisces Stamp by mylastel Nocturnal Artist by rJoyceyy aspergers stamp by otakulottie NO SMOKE STAMP by schtolz Don't Drink stamp by RichiHart Drawing is my Drug Stamp by ARSugarPie Motivation Stamp by In-The-Machine Can't Sleep Stamp by In-The-Machine DA Stamp - So Many Ideas... by phantompanther I don't know you enough. by PrincessFlaw For my watchers by ViOLeTjaniS I appreciate my watchers by TheHopefulRomantics I appreciate all support :D by rJoyceyy ''You Like/Identify As This? SPESHUL SNOWFLAKE!!'' by Mintaka-TK Why Have Pride Over Things You Can't Control? by Mintaka-TK No respect from me by KittyJewelpet78 I think more than I talk by UnassumingLocalLady cuz I don't wanna be killed by Clelius As in, no 'THIS JUST SUCKS' by endler

Other facts

Height: 5'7"
Weight:150 lbs
Body type: Athletic
Favorite color: black & red
Favorite food: chicken
Favorite actor: Denzel Washington, Samuel L. Jackson
Total Tattoos: 5 (Two koi fishes in each bicep, a Pisces sign on my right tricep, a Chinese zodiac sign on my left forearm, the word "Waters" under sea waves on my back)

Likes: music, sports, working out, lifting weights, eating, cartoons, video games, writing stories, drawing, making money, animals, traveling, respectful people, cooking, family hangouts, learning and speaking Spanish, winter, being on my own (most of the times)

Dislikes: most fast food joints, losing money, Internet wars, trolls, teen pop (even the ones back in the late 90s), hair metal, skinny jeans, superficial and shallow people, rabid fanboys/girls, being ripped off, being taken advantage of, being criticized for my mild autism and anything else, folks who stereotype, anyone who uses insane troll logic against my irrefutable arguments, people who misconstrue my statements, people who can't be reason with, terrible drivers, allergies (I'm allergic to the spring BTW)

My other sites……

My birthday badge


Journal History


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